ON NEWSSTANDS August 15, 2022
Fall Sneak Peek; TV Guide; Unthinkably Good Things: Hallmark goes to Italy; Come Aboard! Isaac sails on The Real Love Boat; The Andy Griffith Show and more; Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon: Return to Westeros; Matt Smith

Fall Sneak Peek

We’ve got the scoop on all things fall 2022 TV, from ‘House of the Dragon to ‘The Real Love Boat, the Hallmark Channel, and more.

ON NEWSSTANDS July 4, 2022
FIRST LOOK AT FALL TV; THE WINCHESTERS Supernatural's Dean Returns; THE LORD OF THE RINGS TV's Biggest Series Ever; MOB BOSS STALONE A rocky road from New York ex-con to a Tulsa King; +NCIS; CHICAGO MED; THE EQUALIZER; LA BREA

First Look at Fall TV

Get all the details on Paramount+’s ‘Tulsa King’ starring Sylvester Stallon in our latest issue. Plus, the scoop on your favorite new fall shows, from ‘The Winchesters’ and ‘The Rings Of Power’ to ‘NCIS,’ ‘Chicago Med,’ and more.

Why the Force is strong with OBI-WAN KENOBI; BARRY's surprising connection to Happy Days; WE HEART JENSEN ACKLES: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ackles' journey from Supernatural to The Boys and back home again with The Winchesters

Jensen Ackles

We ❤️ Jensen Ackles! From The Boys to Supernatural and The Winchesters, you won’t want to miss this issue. Plus, Obi Wan, Barry, and more.

NCIS FINALE! Can the team uncover the truth about Parker? ; ON SET! The Kelly Clarkson Show ; MAY 9-22, 2022 ; DOUBLE ISSUE ; GREY'S ANATOMY, THIS IS US, CHICAGO FIRE +36 OTHER SHOCKING ENDINGS; Clockwise from top: Katrina Law, Sean Murray, Gary Cole, Wilmer Valderrama


Finale season is here! How will NCIS finish out the season? Plus, This Is Us, Greys Anatomy, Chicago Fire, and more.