JANE SEYMOUR: How Dr. Quinn cured her heartbreak; Blue Bloods: Will Frank endorse his daughter as the new DA?; INSIDE: Tribute to the Queen and a Souvenir Poster

Blue Bloods

Our favorite ‘Blue Bloods’ father-daughter duo are the latest TV Guide Magazine cover stars. Plus, a tribute to the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II and more inside.

ON NEWSSTANDS September 12, 2022
Returning Favorites; Biggest Issue of the Year; Quantum Leap: Strap in! The sci-fi favorite makes a thrilling comeback; Jensen Ackles: Big Sky's new sheriff; CSI: Vegas: Catherine is back in the lab; Yellowstone: Who will be governor?

Returning Favorites

The latest issue of TV Guide Magazine is all about the return of our fave shows! From ‘Quantum Leap’ to ‘Big Sky,’ ‘Yellowstone,’ and more.

ON NEWSSTANDS August 29, 2022
Your Complete Guide to All the New Shows! The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power; Fall Preview; + Sam Heughan, Jimmy Smits, Mayim Bialik, Weird Al, Norman Lear

Fall Preview

‘The Rings of Power’ is taking over our Fall Preview cover! Plus, inside, ‘Outlander, ‘Call Me Kat,’ and more. Your Complete Guide to all theĀ 

ON NEWSSTANDS August 15, 2022
Fall Sneak Peek; TV Guide; Unthinkably Good Things: Hallmark goes to Italy; Come Aboard! Isaac sails on The Real Love Boat; The Andy Griffith Show and more; Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon: Return to Westeros; Matt Smith

Fall Sneak Peek

We’ve got the scoop on all things fall 2022 TV, from ‘House of the Dragon to ‘The Real Love Boat, the Hallmark Channel, and more.