On newsstands October 25, 2017

TV’s Hottest Couples: Letty and Javier of ‘Good Behavior’ Come Clean

By Jason Clark
Michelle Dockery

Good Behavior opened its second season with a toe-curling scene steamy enough to warrant a title change for TNT’s sexy crime caper. We’re thinking Smoking Hot Behavior.

There’s no question the couple at the center of the lusty action—Letty Raines (Michelle Dockery) and Javier Pereira (Juan Diego Botto)—are the hottest con woman–hit man pairing in TV history. “At their first read together, the chemistry was so obvious and instant,” executive producer Chad Hodge recalls. The choice to hire Botto, a little-known Madrid-based actor, was “a no-brainer,” he says. Dockery, whose last role had been as Downton Abbey’s decidedly more upper-crust Lady Mary, echoes that notion. “Our connection was clear as soon as Juan walked into the room.”

Their characters’ first encounter was not nearly as promising. Interrupted while robbing a hotel room, Letty hid in a closet and overheard Javier finalizing a deal to murder a client’s no-good wife. After she tried to warn the victim, the contract killer with a conscience took Letty captive. Twists, turns and a few power struggles later, the outlaws gave into their mutual attraction.

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