On newsstands June 7, 2018

Kevin Costner: The Star Rides Again in the New Modern-Day Western ‘Yellowstone’

By Jason Clark

Kevin Costner is about to cowboy up — yet again — for Yellowstone, a big-budget drama about bloody land battles and backstabbing sibling rivals in the present-day, fast-changing new American West.

The leading man and Oscar-winning director of Dances With Wolves and Emmy-winning star of Hatfields & McCoys lassos his first regular series role as proud, stubborn widower John Dutton, a sixth-generation cattleman and billionaire. He has four adult children who get along like a herd of wild stallions and a Montana ranch the size of Rhode Island that’s about to become a war zone.

“It’s an R-rated Bonanza,” says series creator, writer and director Taylor Sheridan, whose films Wind River, Hell or High Water and Sicario also grapple with the human toll of clashes over physical and cultural borders. “It’s like [classic Western director] John Ford came back from the dead and decided to make a TV show.”

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